The Way They Came

A One-Woman Show

Playing at the Vallican Whole on FRIDAY, APRIL 15th.

Doors at 7PM, Show at 7:30.

Written and Performed by Ellie Reynolds

Midwifed by Bessie Wapp

Ellie is in her prime. She has an unusual but loving marriage and two beautiful small children, both born at home. Now they are out of diapers she is inching her way to more independence. That is, until an ill-fated IUD, a scheming Uterus, and an unreliable Placenta, join forces to knock Ellie off her birth-goddess high horse and force her to contend with an un-planned third child. Through an unbidden series of events, Ellie must summon her inner Sacred Mother, contend with the voice of her own Contempt, and find the answers to her burning questions – what if you trust your body and it lets you down? Does the way we are born really matter?‘The Way They Came’ takes a brutally honest and unflinching look at childbirth, from the ecstatic to the surgical; the stories we tell about how we all got here; and the blurred boundaries that separate birth, death, sex, and the precious condition of life. The show is dedicated to all who were ever born, including you.

TICKETS: Will be available at the Door, and can be reserved by emailing [email protected]