ROOF, a reno-centric comedy by LUCAS MYERS

Much-loved Kootenay theatre-maker Lucas Myers returns to the Whole for one night only, performing his newest reno-centric comedy, Roof.

DOORS are at 7:00PM, show starts at 7:30PM!

Tickets are $15, available online here, at Rambling Rose, or at the door.

What is it, to be a good person? Dave knows. In fact Dave thinks he has such a lock on it he wants to show you how to be good, too! #howtobegood #davechats #growthhacking #personalgrowthaintnomyth #greatgoalsoffire

From the creator of A Beginners Guide to Nelsonia, CAMPGROUND and DECK comes a new comedy. Weaving together elements of stand up, physical comedy and Lucas Myers’ trademark brand of observational humor, ROOF stars Dave, a highly successful real estate agent who is living the dream: beautiful kids, nice car, great wife, gorgeous sound system, designer kitchen…
However, just as he is about to launch his own self improvement video series , @HiMyNameIsDave, he discovers his refurbished character house isn’t quite as refurbished as it’s supposed to be. Major roof issues suddenly cause cracks to form in his perfect world as he struggles to find a contractor who can take the job on short notice and live up to Dave’s exacting standards. Enter Stevie, a genial journeyman roofer with aspirations of being a stand up comic, who is the only person capable of dealing with Dave’s narcissistic hyper vigilance. As they work together on the roof, Stevie forces Dave to confront his own shortcomings and come to terms with what being a good person really means.

Please note: This performance is not suitable for children.